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2020 has the unfortunate distinction of being the first in 65 consecutive years that MBT will not hold a live GINZA HOLIDAY FESTIVAL. We will not let our spirits fall as we plan to have a series of virtual activities to celebrate the many years of Ginza – and of course we plan to be back in the future as conditions allow.

Among the many benefits of Ginza, it is also a major contributor of revenue to the Midwest Buddhist Temple – every dollar, beyond expenses, goes directly to help the temple keep operating each year.

Please consider making a special donation to MBT for its Ginza Holiday replacement fund. Here’s a thought – think about how much you and your family may spend at Ginza and use that as guidance for your donation. Based on last year’s prices a family of 4 might spend at least $100 (you may have spent more!):

    • Admission – 2 adults and 2 kids – $10
    • 3 Chicken Dinners – $36
    • 1 Vegetarian Plate – $7
    • 2 Sushi Plates – $12
    • 1 Udon Noodle – $5
    • 3 Mirai Corn on the Cob – $9
    • 2 Soft Drinks – $4
    • 2 Draft Beers – $16


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via Zelle

If your bank supports Zelle money transfers (most large banks do) then you can easily send your donation via Zelle by using our email address

by Check

If you prefer to donate by check please make it payable to Midwest Buddhist Temple (write Ginza 2020 on the memo line) and mail to:

Midwest Buddhist Temple
435 W. Menomonee St.
Chicago, IL 60614