Ginza Ads Information

Thank you for supporting Ginza by being a valued Advertiser. Even though we are opening new possibilities with your Ad on our website, we’ve kept the process to renew the same as in years past. You can renew in minutes with a simple email. That said, we now support Full Color Ads and can link directly to your business website so please browse this page to learn more (see actual Ad layouts by scrolling down this page). If you have more questions please contact us at

Details to help you Renew Your Ad

  • Ad Sizes and Costs (scroll down to see sample Ads)
    • Size A $300 – old Full page (4-1/2” x 7-1/2”) or (675px x 1125px) note: px=pixels
    • Size B $220 – old Half page (4-1/2” x 3-3/4”) or (675px x 562px)
    • Size C $155 – old Quarter page (4-1/2” x 1-3/4”) or (675px x 281px)
    • Size D $90 – old Eighth page (2-1/8” x 1-3/4”) or (330px x 281px)
  • Artwork Format:
    • We now support FULL COLOR ADS!
    • We’ve kept artwork sizes/formats the same as prior years so please submit your artwork as a .JPG, .PNG, or .PDF file in your selected size listed above. We’ll take your file and optimize it for best display via web browsers.
    • Your Ad will appear in its original format on our dedicated Advertiser’s page (Note: of course any image displayed on the web will be automatically adjusted to the device size (smartphone vs desktop monitor) or the browser window that the viewer is using)
    • In addition we will create a small “tile” (you do not have to do anything, we’ll create the tile for you) referencing your business that will appear on a scrolling tile strip – see an example of the strip in the Q&A section below.

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  • To RENEW YOUR AD simply send an email to by JUNE 24 and include the following information:
    • 1. The size Ad you wish to purchase
    • 2. Your business URL so we can link your Ad to your website
    • 3. Your artwork (or tell us “No Change” if we can use your artwork from last year)
    • 4. Name and email address of a contact in case we have questions about your artwork or URL

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Questions & Answers

  • What is changing? We are eliminating our paper Ginza Booklet and making all booklet content, including Ads, available via our website
  • Why? We are working to make Ginza more environmentally friendly. We began last year (and will continue) by reducing our dependence on non-compostable materials such as plastics and styrofoam. This year, to reduce a large amount of paper, we will not print a “physical” Ginza Booklet and instead we will publish all of the Booklet content on our website A few notes about this change:
    • The old printed Booklet consumed about 60 reams of paper and unfortunately most of that ended up in the trash each day – not very environmentally responsible
    • We actually began preparing for this move a couple of years ago by improving our website. All of the content from the old booklet (and more) is available to our Ginza Holiday visitors at a touch of their smartphone or tablet (and our website statistics indicate that many visitors are using their smartphones to access our Ginza website during Ginza).
    • We will still provide our guests with an optional “single” page Ginza Guide with schedules, menus, an event map and more (shortcuts to get them to Ginza content via their smartphones).
  • What are the advantages to Advertisers?
    • We now support FULL COLOR Ads
    • Website visitors will encounter your business information in 3 different locations on our website (as opposed to a single spot in the booklet)
    • Ads are set up to “click-through” to your website or Facebook page
    • Statistics from our website indicate that our Ginza visitors are using their smartphones heavily during Ginza – last year just during the Ginza 3-day weekend over 7,500 users viewed approximately 23,500 pages on our website – and that does not even include the thousands of page visits in the weeks before and after Ginza!
  • How will my Ad look/work on your website?
    • Original AD: All Ads in their original format will be prominently displayed on our dedicated Advertiser’s page – below are samples of each Ad size (hint: hover over the ads with your mouse and click through to see the full effect)
    • [ap_column_wrap]
      [ap_column span=”3″]

      Size A (old Full Page)

      [ap_column span=”3″]

      Size B (old Half Page)


      Size C (old Quarter Page)


      Size D (old Eighth Page)

      [ap_column span=”3″]

      [ap_column span=”3″]



    • Link to your website: When an Ad is “clicked” by a user they will be transferred to your website or Facebook page (if you do not have a web presence we will display a larger “pdf” version of your Ad).
    • Tiles: We will create a small “tile” of your Ad that will be displayed as a scrolling strip on several of our highly visited pages. Just like your Ad on the dedicated Advertiser’s page, when a user clicks your tile they will be linked to your website – here is the example of the the scrolling tile strip:
    • [logo-carousel id=ginza-large]

    • Where will my Ad be displayed? Every advertiser will be represented at three locations on our website:
      • All Ads in their original format will be displayed on our dedicated Advertiser’s page grouped by Ad size and in alphabetic order.
      • We will create a “tile” for every Ad and display it on a scrolling strip on the Homepage and at least 2 other highly visited pages (About Ginza Holiday and Stage Schedule). The order of Ads on the strip will be random meaning the strip will be in different order every time the page is viewed.

        More questions? Send us an email at THANK YOU!