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Cultural Displays
Two ancient Japanese art-forms are on display in a special cultural exhibit area located inside the temple on the lower level.


Bonsai, by Mr. James Fairchild, is the art of shaping miniature trees to look as if they were just taken from a living forest. It is an art form requiring skill and patience as a single Bonsai can take many years to develop. Mr. Fairchild is Past President of the Midwest Bonsai Society who meet at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

After many years of exhibiting at Ginza, Mr. Shig Ito is taking a well-earned break. We thank him for his many years of sharing his expertise and love of Bonsai.


Ikebana, by Ikebana on Halsted – Ohara school of Ikebana Chicago Class, seeks to display flowers in a minimalist arrangement in order to capture the true essence of a flower’s beauty. Each year students of Ikebana showcase examples of their works. The Midwest Buddhist Temple thanks the Misho School of Ikebana (Japanese flowering arranging) for their many years of exhibiting at the Ginza Holiday. Their late sensei, Chiye Tomihiro, inspired many to learn and perfect their beautiful art.”

Please note: Ikebana arrangements and Bonsai trees are for exhibit only and are not for sale.

Shopping Consourse

Shopping Concourse

For those who seek treasures to take home we have many local artisans who display and sell their works in our outdoor shopping concourse – rows of booths festively decorated with cho-chin lanterns. Shoppers can typically find hand-made jewelry, beautiful examples of Origami (the art of folded paper), ceramics for both function and display, Japanese clothing, Japanese snacks and much, much more. See our full list of participating merchants below.

Artisans and Not-for-Profit Organizations from past Ginza Holidays

ARIYAMA STUDIO  – Contemporary woodblock prints

ASIAN ARTIQUE  – Asian antique art objects


JEFF CHIU CERAMICS – Handmade ceramics

LISA L CERAMICS – Handmade ceramics

MIHARU SHIRAHATA & MORI WA UMI NO KOBITO – Hanko illustration and photo exhibition of beautiful Tohoku

MBT BOOKSTORE – Books and other educational materials about Buddhism

OHIO KIMONO – Japanese clothing

ORIGAMI ONLY – Origami art

PLUMTREE STUDIO – Functional ceramic pieces


SANSEI ARTISANS – Japanese craft items

SHINSEN CALLIGRAPHY – Japanese calligraphy

SHOP MBT – Japanese items, shopping bags, household items

SNL DESIGNZ – Japanese crafts

SUMO FISH – T-shirts

TOUCH OF GLASS – Glass jewelry and other glass items


Not-for-Profit Organizations:
Japanese American Citizens League
Japanese American Service Committee