To have a safe and enjoyable family outing here are some key points to remember: 

    • Ginza is often very busy, we ask parents and guests to be mindful of children. Strollers can be parked in front of the stage area during shows.
    • Ginza is an outdoor event so be aware of the sun and heat and remember to drink plenty of fluids. If its too hot outside, visit our chapel inside the  temple.
    • There is no smoking allowed anywhere within the Ginza outdoor grounds or in the temple building. Smokers are asked to step outside of either gate to smoke.
    • For those consuming alcoholic beverages, please do so responsibly. We will check ids for anyone purchasing alcohol and no outside alcoholic beverages are allowed. We reserve the right to refuse alcohol to individuals who may have over-consumed.
    • Street parking near Ginza is very limited and under restrictions (be mindful of posted signs). We recommend you consider ride-sharing.
    • Photography is allowed but courtesy to other guests and performers is requested. Drone photography is prohibited.
    • We have a nurse and safety personnel on duty, if you need assistance ask at either gate or at the stage area.
    • Regarding Covid-19: An inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 exists in any public place where people are present. As outlined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, among the risks presented by Covid-19 include severe illness and possible death. By entering the Ginza Holiday festival, attendees voluntarily assume the risks related to exposure to Covid-19. Additionally, while masks are optional, we ask attendees to take common sense measures such as opting not to attend if an individual is exhibiting symptoms or has been recently exposed to Covid-19.



Outside (for all attractions): Ginza attractions including the dining area, stage program, the Waza, shopping and other exhibits, takes place outside on the Temple grounds. The grounds are flat with no steps or curbs so wheelchairs can navigate freely.

Inside (for access to the Chapel): The temple building is handicap accessible if you wish to visit the MBT Chapel. Enter the temple building through the West door at the Menonomee entrance.

    • The Chapel (which is open for viewing) has elevator access. Inside the entrance follow the sign to the elevator.
    • There is a handicap accessible washroom to the right as you enter the Temple building.

Ginza Event Map

To help you find your way around Ginza we’ve create this map. To enlarge the map click the map image or this link Event Map.

Purchasing Food & Beverages

We have a central Food Ticket Booth where guests can purchase any of the Food or Beverage* items on our menu. Guests will receive a color coded ticket for each item they purchase which will be accepted at our concession booths. You can now Pre-Order your Ginza food and beverages – see how below. *Alcoholic beverages are not sold at the Ticket Booth, customers wishing to purchase alcoholic beverages will have to visit the Beer booth (for id check) to purchase beer or wine.

Pre-Ordering Food is now closed

Alcoholic Beverages

Beer, Sake and Japanese Plum Wine are available to those of legal drinking age. Ginza is a family friendly event so we ask guests to consume responsibly.

    • Guests can only purchase alcoholic beverages at the Beer Booth (not the Food Ticket Booth) where they must present a valid ID.
    • Ginza Holiday reserves the right to refuse alcohol to individuals who may have over-consumed.
    • No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Credit cards

Credit Card purchases are accepted at the entry Gates, Food Ticket booth, the Shop MBT booth, the Beer booth and for purchases from the Waza. Other Craft vendors are independent merchants so it is advisable to check with them directly.

Tour MBT Chapel

During Ginza the MBT Hondo (chapel) will be open for viewing with MBT members present to answer questions. Additionally, on Saturday and Sunday during stage intermissions, our minister will give brief talks about our Temple and Shin Buddhism. Enter the MBT building through the west door on Menomonee street. There will be signs to the stairs (or elevator) leading up to the chapel.


There are portable toilets, including a handicap accessible facility, located outside near the South gate. There is also a handicap accessible washroom with a baby-changing station inside the temple (enter the temple through the West door at the Menomonee Street entrancethe accessible washroom will be on the first hallway to the right).

First Aid and Safety Personnel

There is a nurse and safety personnel on duty. If assistance is needed, ask any of the Ginza staff at either entrance Gate or the Stage.

Directions to Ginza – 435 W Menomonee Street, Chicago, 60614

Public Transportation: MBT is close to several CTA Bus lines and the Elevated Brown line. During the busy summer we suggest checking public transportation options from the CTA or RTA.

Driving: Use the Google Map for directions from your location. With construction on the Kennedy expressway, you may want to seek alternate routes.

Parking: Parking around Ginza is very difficult and we recommend you consider alternatives such as ride-sharing. If you decide to drive note that MBT is located in a residential neighborhood that has Resident Parking restrictions in effect at 6 pm every evening. That means after 6 pm, a resident sticker must be displayed or a ticket (and possibly towing) may occur. If you plan to park your car beyond 6 pm we suggest seeking metered parking or a commercial parking lot (apps like ParkChicago or SpotHero may be useful).

Do you have another question? Contact Us.