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on the grill
on the grill

Frequent Ginza visitors often say they return each year just for our Chicken Teriyaki dinners. That kind of loyalty started with our first Ginza Holiday when we prepared Chicken Teriyaki for our visitors using a family recipe from an early temple member. Today, over 60 years later, we follow that same recipe by marinating and then par-boiling our chicken in the marinade to deepen the flavor. The final step is to finish the chicken on the open charcoal grill to produce a truly wonderful chicken dinner.

Visitors will also find a variety of other menu selections while dining at Ginza. We offer a vegetarian entree as well as ala carte options such as home-made sushi, cold udon noodles, grilled “Mirai®” corn on the cob , and we’ve recently added SPAM® Musubi (grilled SPAM® on top of bed of rice – a Hawaiian favorite!) For dessert try our kintoki (sweetened azuki beans over crushed ice) or our authentic Hawaiian shave ice using special ice shaving machines that create the most delicate snow that we top with your favorite flavors. Below is our full menu, including beverage and snack items.

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Menu Item 
Chicken Teriyaki DinnerCharcoal grilled chicken teriyaki, rice and cole slaw.
Vegetarian Plate Dinner Grilled vegetarian entree with rice, and cole slaw.
Sushi3 Futomaki and 2 Inari sushi garnished with pickled ginger. Futomaki is nori (flavored seaweed) wrapped sushi rice rolled around strips of egg, carrot, mushrooms, green beans and kampyo (dry gourd). Inari is a fried tofu pouch filled with sushi rice.
Cold Udon NoodlesUdon noodles served in a cold broth made of fish stock and soy sauce garnished with fish cake, sweetened egg and green onion. Served cold.
SPAM® MusubiGrilled Spam with teriyaki sauce placed over a roll of plain white rice and wrapped in nori (flavored seaweed).
Grilled Mirai® Corn"Mirai®" Corn on the Cob roasted over a charcoal grill with optional seasonings.
EdamameSoybeans boiled in their shells with a touch of salt - a favorite appetizer at many Japanese restaurants.
KintokiSweetened azuki beans over crushed ice - a Japanese sno-cone.
Hawaiian Shave IceFinely shaved - almost snow-like - ice covered with flavored syrup.
Sno-coneCrushed ice covered with flavored syrup.
PopcornFresh popped on site.
ChipsA variety of snack sized potato chip bags.
Diet Cola
Bottled Water
Iced Tea
Ramune (Japanese soda)
Hot Green Tea
16 oz premium Beer (draft)Valid proof of legal age required
22 oz premium Beer (can)Valid proof of legal age required
SakeValid proof of legal age required