Ginza 2023 Setup/Breakdown Tasks by Day

Thank you for helping with Ginza Setup and Cleanup! Use this page as an outline for the tasks we need to complete each day to prepare for Ginza. For our regular setup activities* lets start with the basics:

Schedule of days we need setup volunteers:

    • Aug 5 – Saturday before Ginza from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
    • Aug 6 – Sunday before Ginza from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm
    • Aug 7 – Monday before Ginza – CONTINGENCY: only needed if we are rained out on either Saturday or Sunday
    • Aug 8-10 – Tuesday-Thursday before Ginza – 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm
    • Aug 14 – Monday after Ginza – Cleanup 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (unless we finish earlier)



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Volunteer Saftey!

    Please think safety as you to plan to help with setup – some things you might consider bringing:

    • Hat, work gloves, knee pads, appropriate shoes (no sandals)
    • Water; we will provide water but it’s up to you to STAY HYDRATED
    • Tools; if you bring your own tools remember to mark them so they don’t get lost

Saturday AUGUST 5 – lunch will be provided


Start by clearing out both garages – moving things inside the temple or in to small staging piles in the parking lot (important to keep the lot open for parking for Sunday service)

  • Prep West Garage – ADVISOR-VIC/GLYNN:
  1. Open space along the west wall
  2. Install window air-conditioner
  3. cover chicken prep area (floor to ceiling) with plastic
  4. Empty and start “Cold Room”
  • Prep East Garage – ADVISOR-GLYNN
  1. Cover all floor space with cardboard
  2. Cover east wall with cardboard
  3. Install gas line, barrels, and burners (GLYNN)
  4. Cover west and east walls with plastic
  • Wash Barrels, Ice Chests, Sheet Pans
  1. Stack clean barrels in the Chicken Prep area (west garage)
  2. Ice Chests moved to social hall
  3. Sheet Pans moved to parboil area
  1. Open/clear storage area under stage (make neat stacks of like materials – torii, gates, other – use minimal space in parking lot)
  2. Remove stage floor covering – check for damage and clear of nails, staples, debris
  3. Get floor canvas from inside (located underneath stage in social hall)
  4. Install floor canvas
  5. Install stairs
  6. Leave North Wall vertical studs on stage for installation on Tuesday night
  • Electrical – ADVISORS-BEN, JIM, VIC (either Saturday or Sunday)
  1. Setup Stage Wiring
  2. Prep Wiring for other areas
  • Inside-Cover Kitchen/Hall floors – Note: This task done by Michael Harada and will be done on his schedule (either Saturday or Sunday)

Sunday AUGUST 6 – light snacks will be provided

Focus: WAZA STAGE, BOOTHS, ELECTRICAL (and anything we don’t get done on Saturday!)

  • Waza Setup:
  1. Build roof frame on ground
  2. Add roof tarp while roof is on the ground
  3. Raise the roof
  • Chicken Dinner Booth setup
  • Food Ticket Booth
  • Screen east fence – (try from “inside the yard”)
  • Electrical – ADVISORS-BEN, JIM, VIC (either Saturday or Sunday)
    1. Wire South parking lot overhead light lines
    2. Wire Booths for Chochins
    3. Setup Stage Wiring
    4. Prep Wiring for other areas as needed
  • Stage Prep – (whatever we do not complete on Saturday)
  • Inside-Cover Kitchen/Hall floors – Note: This task done by Michael Harada and will be done on his schedule (either Saturday or Sunday)

Weekdays Leading up to Ginza – AUG 8-10


  • Monday: Contingency – only needed if we have a Sunday or Saturday rainout
  • Tuesday:
    1. General Sales Booths (new pop-up tents)
    2. Build North/South Gates framing (Torii for North Gate only)
    3. Build Food Concession Stand
    4. Install stage lights
    5. Cover stage Left/Right Panels
    6. Install stage side blinds
    7. Install the valances under the roof trusses
    8. Build Stage North Wall – put up frames and screens
  • Wednesday:
    1. Cover Food Concession Tables with Plastic (do not cover dinning tables or booth tables)
    2. Place uncovered tables at the front of each booth
    3. Install Stage Top Valence
    4. Install Stage curtain
    5. Install sun screen over seating area
    6. Finish booth lights wiring
    7. Install Chochins
    8. Install decorative barrier in front of stage
    9. Inside-Set up tables in Working Dining room
  • Thursday:
    1. Catch up on any unfinished tasks
    2. Set up tables/chairs in Dining area (do not cover tables)
    3. Install shoji screen for Bonsai (social hall by washrooms)
    4. Set up audience chairs
    5. Set out trash cans (with liners)

Monday following Ginza

Focus: Washing and Put Away

  • Power Washing everything:
    1. Cooking implements
    2. ParBoil Barrels
    3. Parsonage Garage
    4. Grill
    5. Ice Chests
  • Stage
    1. Repack and close under stage
    2. Recover Stage Floor
    3. Re-Install plastic fencing above stage
  • Garages:
    1. Repack Garages