GINZA 2024 Volunteer Portal for July 26, 27, and 28

Thank you for helping out at Ginza! This page is for the many volunteers who lend their time and efforts to fill the many jobs at Ginza Holiday. The portal is organized in to sections:

  2. HOW TO VOLUNTEER (online form)

A few notes about Ginza 2024:

  • ALL DAY GINZA SETUP IS ON JULY 20th: help also needed on days before and after Ginza (coordinators will reach out)
  • WE ARE CONSIDERING THE IMPLICATIONS OF ELIMINATING FOOD TICKETS this year – and moving cashiers to the various Food/Concession booths. We will work through this option with affected areas to determine the right approach.
  • NO ONLINE PRE-SALES this year: Customers will make their purchases at each of the Food/Concession booths.



  • Below is our Roster of Jobs describing each role and shifts needed (Friday has 1 shift and Saturday/Sunday each has 2 shifts).
  • Some jobs have special requirements such as Food Handling Guidelines or Square App Training.
  • If a volunteer is under 16, that must be noted (see instructions on the form).
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility! It is up to each volunteer to work and act in a manner to minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Who Should Fill Out the Volunteer Form:
    • Anyone who does not have an assigned job at Ginza is encouraged to fill out the Volunteer Form.
    • If your availability does not match our schedules just let us know on the form (times you are available) and we’ll try and find a spot for you.
    • You do NOT need to fill out the form if (a) you work the same job every year and are in touch with the team leader; (b) you are a Dharma School family you can schedule directly with Kristin Park.


  • You can obtain #142 zone parking stickers in advance or when you arrive. Parking restrictions start at 6pm so you will need a sticker for each day you volunteer past 6pm.
  • Shifts are set up for volunteers to arrive 30 min before we open to customers (to allow for proper setup). Also, later shifts are set up for volunteers to remain a few min after closing to help with cleanup. If you will be late or are unable to come as planned, please contact us.
  • BREAKS/FOOD AND DRINK (Please coordinate within your teams. Breaks NOT allowed during program intermissions)
  • Meals, snacks and drinks will be available in our volunteer break room located inside the Temple – the schedule for the break room is to be determined.
  • Sanitation rules prohibit eating at the outside food sale booths and indoor food preparation areas. If you wish to eat outside, you are welcome to purchase food and eat after your shift has ended.

FOOD HANDLING SANITATION RULES (food prep, grill, par-boil, kitchen, food sales):

  • You MUST wear closed toed shoes. No one with open toed sandals or flip flops will be allowed to work, for both sanitation and safety reasons. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!
  • Tops must have a short sleeve – NO SLEEVELESS TOPS
  • You MUST wear a hair covering. You may wear your own cap or head covering, or use one of our head coverings or hair nets. Beards must be covered as well.
  • You MUST wear gloves at all times when handling food. These should be changed frequently; these will be provided as well as aprons (you are welcome to bring your own). Both gloves and aprons need to be removed before entering and using the washroom.


  • Masks are optional but encouraged
  • Please do not come to the Temple if you are showing signs of illness or have tested positive for Covid-19
  • Wash your hands frequently

If you have questions about volunteering, contact us at


  1. Review the Roster of Jobs and make a list of your preferences.
  2. Fill out the Volunteer Form – you can volunteer for as many job/shifts as you like and even volunteer family members (and remember to note on the form when a volunteer is under 16).
  3. Submit your form as soon as possible but not later than June 9th. We will take your information and get back to you via email. Please note: it may take a little time to get back to you as we process all requests.
  4. Please plan to attend a pre-Ginza volunteer kickoff on Sunday June 30th from 11:30-12:30 at MBT. We’ll cover tips and expectations for all Ginza volunteers, so it’ll be a good way to meet people you’ll volunteer with and get a lay of the land. RSVP by emailing


(Having trouble viewing the Roster on your device? Try viewing it in PDF format – Roster Of Jobs PDF)